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Fire Safety & FR-Rated Timber
TYPE Online Course
DURATION 30 minutes

Fire Safety & FR-Rated Timber


Following the Grenfell tragedy, compliance with fire safety requirements has come under the microscope more than ever before. The Hackitt Review has identified shortcomings in the product knowledge and understanding of the technical issues surrounding fire safety and material specification throughout the supply chain. This includes poor specification and a lack of effective enforcement of those specifications.

Working in partnership with LABC, and in co-operation with Wood Campus, the Wood Protection Association has developed this e-learning course, along with other resources, to help Building Control Officers to improve their understanding of how wood behaves in a fire and how to enhance that performance to comply with Building Regulations and other regulatory requirements and so ultimately to build safer buildings. This course is equally applicable to all involved in the specification, use and regulation of flame retardant treated wood products. Work through each chapter before completing the end of course Assessment.

Target Staff

Senior staff involved in buying, stocking, merchandising and selling interior and exterior timber cladding, as well as warehouse and yard managers.

What you'll learn

  • How fire develops in three distinct phases and how FR treatment can delay the flashover point to a fully-developed fire
  • How fire performance is measured and tested, and the relevant standards and compliance with building regulations
  • What level of FR performance is required in different circumstances
  • The different methods of applying Flame Retardants and the importance of Factory Production Control
  • What fire performance is required by Building Regulations, including the latest changes
  • How to make sure products are properly treated

Course Benefits

Provides a vital understanding of FR-treated timber ensures you sell your customers products that are safe and fully compliant.

Fire Safety & FR-Rated Timber

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